The Bat and the Back

Every year there is a baseball game between the local high school students and their parents. The parents always try to win, but every year they get outclassed by the students. This year the parents had a secret weapon: me. I had been training all year by going to the batting cage to perfect my hit. During the big game, the score was tied in the final inning, and I hit a home run that gave us the win, but in the process I twisted my back. Rather than celebrating, I went to a chiropractor in San Jose to get rid of the pain my back.

The victory was a painful one, but it was one that I was glad to experience. Continue reading The Bat and the Back

Toenail fungus can be a quick pain if you find the right information about it along with the perfect treatment A lot of people try to hide unpleasant parts about themselves, one of those things is nail discoloration, like yellow or even black Click Here To Learn More Toenail fungus is an infection that gets through cracks in your nails or cuts in your skin. It can make your toenail change color or get thicker. It can also hurt. Because toes are often warm and damp, the fungus grows well there. Prevention is key

There is No Reason to Live in Pain Anymore

I watched my grandmother go through quite a bit of pain in her back when I was growing up. It grew worse over time, but she did not go get help for it even though we all asked her to. She continued to suffer, and we continued to beg her to do something about it. I always hoped I would not have those same problems one day, but now, in my 50s, I have found that I do have serious back pain. I found myself looking into getting herniated disc treatment after my doctor told me that is what I was suffering from.

My troubles seemed to have issues picking dishes up out of my dishwasher and lifting them up to put them away in the kitchen cabinets. I first thought had just strained my arm in some way because it just happened that I cleaned out my storage room the day before. I had been lifting, pulling and pushing large boxes with heavy items in them. So, I figured that the problem would go away in just a couple of days after my muscles had time to heal.

I became more alarmed when I started having shoulder and arm pain. The muscle weakness in my arm did not go away either. The pain was growing worse, and I knew there was no way that it should take a month for my muscles to get better, too. Soon after, the pain traveled down my leg, and this meant it was time to get medical help.

My physician knew what the problem was immediately, and he explained that unless I wanted the rest of my life to be full of pain, I should do something. I told him about what my grandmother went through, and he nodded in agreement. So, I made an appointment to get help done because life should not be lived in misery.

Bigger Breasts Without the Mess

When I was a teenager, I thought my breasts would get bigger, but they barely grew at all. I looked at all the other girls who had much bigger breasts than I did, and they would get all of the attention. Once I even started stuffing my bra, but I got tired of doing that and stopped once I went to college. I thought about getting breast implants for a while, but the surgery scared me, along with the threat of having the implants leak. The only way I could possibly get bigger breasts was by finding some kind of medical supplement.

I asked my doctor if he knew of any supplement that would increase my breast size, and he told me about a few that were pretty expensive and weren’t covered by my insurance. I was distraught, until I heard about another supplement that could be purchased online. Continue reading Bigger Breasts Without the Mess

Types of Organic Food Produced

These are the type of foods that are produced by organic farming. For a food to be declared as organic, there are several parameters that come into place to determine if it is organic or not. These parameters vary in different parts of the world and may include cultural, biological and mechanical practices that are put into place when producing these foods. In general organic foods are produced in ways that promote ecological balance and ensure maximum biodiversity. Pesticides that are synthetic and the normal industrial chemical fertilizers are not allowed when growing these organic foods. However there are organically approved pesticides that a grower can use but only under limited conditions.

For processed foods to be labelled as organic 95% of the products that are used to process the food must be purely organic. These foodstuffs are generally advantageous and have come a long way since they were once found in chemists only. There is a vast belief among several people that organic food is tastier, contains more nutrients and is safer when compared to other conventional foodstuffs. This public notion has led to a very significant increase in the demand of organic foods. However there have been several obstacles in confirming whether these advantages are scientifically true.

The perception that organic foods have less calories than the conventional foods has been under the scope. Most conventional foods and genetic engineered foods have been highly linked with the accumulation of excess fat among individuals. This fact has therefore made individuals to turn to organic foods as they have been observed to have less calories and be safer. This type of foods are more common among parents who are feeding their small infants. The demand for organic baby products was accelerated in China in the year 2008 when the Chinese milk scandal happened leaving six children dead. This scandal questioned the safety of infant food and in turn made parents opt for the safer organic foods.

There has also been a notion that organic foods have more nutrients than other conventional foods. These claims have been hard to prove since the results were very inconsistent due to other factors that come into play when growing these plants. However general conclusions were made and it was noted that out of twelve main nutrients only two of them were found to be higher than the nutrient amounts in the conventional foods.

The Many Benefits Of Deer Antler Spray To Your Health

Deer antler spray has been used in Asian countries for hundreds of years for the treatment of the joint pain that comes from osteoarthritis, and a host of other medical conditions as well. Other uses of deer antlers spray would include treatment of asthma, stomach ulcers, migraine headaches, mood alteration, muscle growth, lower cholesterol, and even high blood pressure, although it’s called dear hairspray it’s harvested from the antlers of elk which is of the deer family. Deer antler spray is typically made from the velvet that covers the bone that the antlers are made from as they are grown each season. It comes in a powdered form or spray depending on the application. Let’s take a look at some of the most positive treatments that this nutrient can produce.

One of the most common applications of deer antler spray is in the treatment of osteoarthritis. This valuable nutrient contains natural chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and glycosaminglycans, all of which are well known arthritis treatments in supplement form. However, when taken from deer antlers, all the ingredients are 100% natural from their original source, with the original micro nutrients as well. These natural ingredients work to repair cartilage, which is what protects your bones in your joint areas from friction by providing lubrication.

Another very common use of deer another spray is maintaining a healthy heart. Not only does this fantastic nutrient lower blood pressure and cholesterol, but it also helps to maintain the inner walls of your veins and arteries in a soft and supple condition, that helps lessen strokes and heart attacks as you age. By lowering your blood pressure it decreases the chances of kidney problems, strokes, and heart attacks without the use of artificial man-made chemicals.

Many athletes use deer antler spray in order to help them build muscle. Athletes report having fewer sore muscles after each workout when using this nutrient, and therefore have fewer days that they need to take off while their muscles heal. This faster recovery time helps bodybuilders and athletes build up more muscle in less time, safely, without the worry of muscle fatigue. It also can help reduce the reliance on energy drinks containing caffeine and sugar, that many athletes use the battle the post workout crash that one can experience immediately after their daily workouts.

The polysaccharides that are contained in antler supplements seems to be responsible for its excellent properties in combating stomach ulcers. The specific nutrient is called rantarin, and is used even in hospitals before surgery in the upper gastrointestinal area. All these great properties have been experienced with no side effects being reported from millions of uses over centuries of time. It is however, recommended that antler supplements not be used in conjunction with morphine, as the two tend to not be compatible and interfere with each other during treatments. Studies on animals are being done presently to verify this particular drug interaction.

So, if feeling better while working out, improving your heart health, having less problems with joint pain, lowering your cholesterol and many other great benefits are of interest to you, you should check out antler spray online to see for yourself the improvements it can make to your health.