I Had to Do What Was Necessary to Help My Daughter

My daughter hurt her back at cheerleading practice. She had been a cheerleader for three years, and she was really good at it. I took her to a chiropractor in fort myers fl after nothing else we tried helped her. She was so worried that she would never be able to attend another cheer practice or perform at any games again if she did not get better. And this was important to her because she really wanted to show that she could stick to something long term when she fills out college applications later on. Many universities like to see students who are well rounded and show that they excel in other things outside of school work.

The day that it happened, my daughter and her teammates were practicing a lot of new tumbling exercises that they were incorporating into a new routine. They decided they wanted to try to something new in order to wow the audience at the next game that they were to perform at. Continue reading

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